Welcome to the Schoork Support Site

About Me

I started working in education after college as a alternative route teacher. Since I have worked as a teacher, administrator-in-training, assistant principal, principal, and associate superintendent in several districts and one charter organization in Mississippi and Tennessee.

In my roles I became increasingly frustrated with the state of educational technology, which tends to be built poorly (here’s looking at you TIMS) and/or ineffectively. A lot of times software is built by engineers who don’t have a lot of experience in the field, and when educators and engineers can’t speak the same language, we get programs that make us work harder than pencil and paper would.

As I became more frustrated, I sought to do something about that. First I started with Google Apps Scripts, a backend, JavaScript-like service that allows you to automate Google’s frontend services (i.e. Forms, Spreadsheets, Docs, etc.). I eventually moved from PHP to Python, and, finally, to Ruby on Rails. With the help of some books, the internet, and some really awesome friends, I built Schoork.

About Schoork

Schoork is designed and built to make educators’ jobs easier and more efficient. It is a set of digital tools that schools and districts can use to increase productivity and transparency within their organizations.

Schoork achieves this through three main methods:

  1. Automated communication between platforms and people
  2. Digitizing the non-digital
  3. Built-in flexibility

The left sidebar is where you will find access to all pages on this support site. They are generally broken into the same major sections as the sidebar on Schoork.

If you’re looking for something in particular, try the search box in the left sidebar. It searches every page on this site for what you’re you type.

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Ten Minute Rule

We ask that your try to use our site to answer the question(s) you have, but if you are spending more than ten minutes and still can’t figure it out, email us and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Schoork also has a sidebar. Schoork’s sidebar is divided into major sections (students, users, financials, and setup) and subsections. Clicking on a module takes it to it’s main page, while clicking the (Add) link next to it will take you to a new form.


Buttons are the other ways to get around in Schoork. Most module pages have a table listing a bunch of records. Generally these tables will have buttons like show, edit, print, remove. These tend to be very consistent across the site of what they do.